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Hair Restoration

Hair Regeneration


Alma TED® is a revolutionary procedure that uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive hair signal molecules past our protective layer of skin down to the dermis, providing needle-free and pain-free hair restoration (no surgery needed!). 

TED® stands for trans epidermal drug delivery. Instead of creating channels with needles or laser energy, we create temporary pathways that allow the hair molecule signals to penetrate the skin, reaching the hair bulbs to stimulate and enhance hair growth.  Together with the TED® hair formula that contains ingredients supporting optimal hair, scalp health, and follicular strength, providing the best possible results.

Alma TED® results: 

Clients will notice results after 1 treatment with the timeline is as follows:

2 weeks- less shedding during daily routine. Early signs of growth.

1 month- new hairs begins to sprout.

2 months- hair has more volume giving it height.

3 months- bald spots begin to fill, less scalp showing.

Note: Individual results may very and additional treatments may be desired.